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Signals for Survival  (1968)

Study of animal behaviour

An in-depth and intriguing study of behaviour and communication in a single species, the lesser black-backed gull, Signals for Survival sheds a whole new light on a seemingly familiar subject. Following ornithological and animal behaviour expert Professor Niko Tinbergen, the production offers an interesting interpretation of gull language, analysing the birds' posture as well as voice.

Impressive photography from the BBC's Natural History Unit (NHU) records the gulls' behaviour as they feed, court and raise chicks. Described by the NHU's founder Chris Parsons as "a masterly exposition of animal communication", Signals for Survival was met with widespread acclaim, winning the Italia prize for Television Documentary in 1969.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: Hugh Falkus
Copyright Holder: BBC - Natural History Unit
Address: c/o BBC Motion Gallery
Room E251
80 Wood Lane
W12 0TT
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8433 2861 / 2

Film credits

Director: Hugh Falkus
Film Editor: John Martin
Narrator: Hugh Falkus
Photography: Nikolaas Tinbergen
Presenter: Nikolaas Tinbergen
Research: Nikolaas Tinbergen
Sound Editor: David Aliband
Sound Mixer: Ann Goodliffe
Sound Recording: John F. Burton
Sound Recordist: Peter W. Fera

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