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The World About Us (1967 - 1987): The Uninhabited Islands  (1971)

Guy Blanchard filming for

Scattered in a lost corner of the Indian Ocean, once the haunt of pirates and their treasure ships, lie 93 islands, among them Aldabra, the Amirantes and the Seychelles.  Legend and superstition abound in this isolated and forgotten British outpost. It has even been suggested that the Garden of Eden was there.  In the past year more people have visited these islands than ever before, some of them on adventurous luxury cruises.  In July (1971) an international airport opens.  Can the treasures of unspoiled beaches and unique wildlife survive the new invasion, or must the Pearls of the Indian Ocean inevitable become just another playground?.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: BBC - Natural History Unit
Address: c/o BBC Motion Gallery
Room E251
80 Wood Lane
W12 0TT
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8433 2861 / 2

Film credits

Film Cameraman: Guy Blanchard
Film Editor: Jim Cryan
Narrator: Barry Ernest Paine
Narrator: Tony Beamish
Producer: Barry Ernest Paine
Production Organisation: BBC - Natural History Unit
Guy Blanchard filming for
Guy Blanchard filming for "The Uninhabited...