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One Step From a Crocodile  (1965)

Also known as: Jeden krok od Krokodyla

A reportage from Cuba.  The setting of the film is very romanic; the waters round Zapata peninsula, the reefs and islets of Isla de Pinos, made famous by Robert Louis Stevenson in his "Treasure Island", and a crocodile rancho.  The reporter, armed with a camera and an oxygen cylinder, shows the exotic flora and fauna of the tropical sea and experiences a meeting with a man-eating shark.  On de Pinos he looked in vain for crocodile lairs, but found some "bellied" palms that do not grow anywhere else in the world.  The spectator will be disappointed, however, in the tropical forests and inaccessible bogs of the Zapata peninsula he will see crocodile customs and laten crocodile "pensioners', whose offspring bred on the ranche will provide material for some "nice" fancy leather goods.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: Film Polski, Poland

Film credits

Cameraman: Stanislaw Yosef-Bronikowski
Director: Stanislaw Yosef-Bronikowski
Production Organisation: Tele-Ar, Poland