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The Family That Lives With Elephants (1973)

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Observing elephants

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: ITN Source
Address: 200 Gray's Inn Road
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 430 4480

Film credits

Writer: Colin Willock
Producer: Aubrey Buxton
Production Controller: Mike Hay
Sound: Lee Lyon
Photography: Dieter Plage
Dubbing Editor: Ramon Burrows
Film Editor: Leslie Parry
Narrator: Andrew Sachs
Production Manager: Peter Schofield
Dubbing Mixer: David Skilton
Photography: Christian Zuber
Associate Producer: Iain Douglas-Hamilton
Associate Producer: Oria Douglas-Hamilton
Production Organisation: Survival Anglia Limited
Elephants at close quarters
Elephants at close quarters
Growing up with elephants
Growing up with elephants
Observing elephants
Observing elephants