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Fragile Earth: Siarau - The Tidal Forest  (1983)

Peculiar animal adaptations to mangrove life

Winner of the second ever Golden Panda award at Wildscreen 1984, Siarau - The Tidal Forest paints a rich and evocative picture of the diverse wildlife that inhabits this tiny island, northwest of Borneo. A land of fluctuating tides and stifling tropical heat, the ever changing environment of the mangrove swamps caused an evolutionary explosion, with a multitude of flora and fauna learning to thrive in this unstable habitat.

Detailing this extraordinary abundance of life, director Phil Agland employs world-class cinematography, capturing the many crafty adaptations the island creatures have developed to lead a life half way between land and sea. Proboscis monkeys are proficient swimmers, archerfish ‘shoot’ insects down from overhanging branches, and tree roots grow above ground in search of oxygen.

Costing some £140,000 in 1982, this typically ‘blue chip’ Partridge Films production is described by executive producer and Partridge founder, Mike Rosenberg, as “flawless” with “stunning pictures”.

With a strong emphasis on conservation, the production follows in the footsteps of its critically acclaimed predecessor Korup - An African Rainforest, raising awareness of the need to protect our unique tropical forests.

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Film credits

Director: Phil Agland
Editor: Dave Dickie
Executive Producer: Michael Rosenberg
Music: Jennie Muskett
Narrator: Michael McCallion
Photography: Jim Clare
Photography: Richard Foster
Photography: Mike Potts
Producer: Chris Lakeman Fraser
Producer: Helen Wolfson
Producer: Richelle Shaw
Producer: Jilly Bond
Producer: Phil Agland
Producer: Michael Rosenberg
Production Assistant: Neil MacKenzie
Production Organisation: Partridge Films Limited
Research: Andrea Florence
Sound: Rodney Glenn
Sound: Colin Martin
Sound: Keith Lowes
Writer: Phil Agland

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Phil Agland
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Peculiar animal adaptations to mangrove life
Peculiar animal adaptations to mangrove ...
Wildscree "Golden Panda" Award, 1984
Torrents of mud threaten mangrove haven
Torrents of mud threaten mangrove haven
Ebb and flow of tides drives forest evolution
Ebb and flow of tides drives forest evol...
Plant adaptations to mangrove life
Plant adaptations to mangrove life