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The Savage Paradise : Wild Dogs - A Tale of Two Sisters  (1993)

Boldest hunters in Africa

A graceful and perceptive portrayal of African wild dogs, world renowned cameraman Hugo van Lawick focuses on the relationship between two sisters, exploring these fascinating animals as they stalk the Serengeti plains. As the dominant sister steals her sibling's pups, the mother's retrieval attempts are interwoven with the wider story of the pack.

Typical of his distinctive filming style, Hugo presents the dogs as individual characters, bringing their unique personalities to the forefront as he examines the struggles the pack face to survive.

Broadcast as part of the BBC's The Savage Paradise series, Hugo van Lawick captures the amazing teamwork shown in defence of a young pup and the chaotic wildebeest stampedes caused as they hunt. Dramatic cinematography provides an intriguing glimpse into the behaviour and social structure of these misunderstood and maligned dogs.

A respected authority on wild dogs, van Lawick offers a vivid and stunning insight into life in one of Africa's last great wildernesses.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: ITN Source
Address: 200 Gray's Inn Road
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 430 4480

Film credits

Associate Producer: Hugo van Lawick
Associated Broadcaster: WNET 13, New York
Dubbing Mixer: Colin Martin
Editor: Dave Dickie
Executive Producer: Patrick Dromgoole
Executive Producer: Michael Rosenberg
Music: Nigel Hess
Narrator: Ian Holm
Photography: Hugo van Lawick
Producer: Hugo van Lawick
Production: Marguerite Smits van Oyen
Production: Caroline Davies
Production: Annabel Lawler
Production: Stephanie Von Mutius
Production Organisation: Partridge Films Limited
Production Organisation: HTV
Sound Editor: Nikki Oldroyd
Sound Recording: Ken Capper
Sound Recording: Gil Domb
Sound Recording: Hugo van Lawick
Writer: Barry Ernest Paine

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