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Seasons of the Sea  (1990)

The world beneath the waves

The first major film from world-renowned zoologist and marine photographer Howard Hall, Seasons of the Sea explores the complex ecology of California’s coastal kelp forests. Widely acclaimed for its stunning underwater photography, it won the Golden Panda award at Wildscreen 1990.

Commissioned by PBS for its Nature series and aired as a BBC special, the hour long film delves into the mysterious marine world, examining some of its odd and unusual inhabitants.

Set to a moving soundtrack by Jennie Musket, a female squid anchors her egg case in the sand as gentle music accentuates her soft movements. Often devoting entire dives to just one shot, the time and effort Hall put into his underwater sequences paid off, the result being a whole series of breathtaking and unique images.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: ITN Source
Address: 200 Gray's Inn Road
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 430 4480

Film credits

Assistant Film Editor: Caroline House
Assistant Sound Editor: Lucy Capewell
Associate Producer: Bob Cranston
Associated Broadcaster: WNET 13, New York
Film Editor: Mark Fletcher
Music: Jennie Muskett
Narrator: Ian Holm
Photography: Howard Hall
Photography: Bob Cranston
Photography: Mark Conlin
Photography: Norbert Wu
Photography: Chip Matheson
Photography: Bruce Reitherman
Post Production: Partridge Films Limited
Post Production Supervisor: Michael Rosenberg
Producer: Howard Hall
Production Co-ordinator: Linda Waddell
Production Organisation: Howard Hall Productions
Research: Cathy McConnell
Script Consultant: Barry Ernest Paine
Sound Editor: Chris Godden
Sound Mixer: Colin Martin
Sound Mixer: Richard Whaley
Winter in the kelp forest
Winter in the kelp forest
The world beneath the waves
The world beneath the waves
A squadron of pelagic jellyfish
A squadron of pelagic jellyfish
Wildscreen "Golden Panda", 1990
Golden Panda, 1990
Golden Panda, 1990