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Realms of the Russian Bear: Born of Fire  (1992)

Ring of fire

Deep in the Russian Far East, natural history professor, conservationist and world-renowned biogeographer Nikolai Drozdov explores the myriad life that flourishes in the volcanic wilderness of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

The final installment of the epic BBC series, Realms of the Russian Bear, Born of Fire is a visually stunning celebration of the spectacular scenery and diverse flora and fauna occupying this World Heritage Site. Drozdov’s enthusiasm is contagious as he journeys through his native land, with his animated narration bringing to life the beauty of this remarkable region, with its extraordinary ecosystems and abruptly changing seasons.

From salamanders to sea eagles, and from salmon to Siberian tigers, stunning cinematography from award-winning wildlife photographers Martin Saunders, Hugh Maynard and Martyn Colbeck examines a plethora of species. Made by renowned wildlife producer John Sparks, Born of Fire is an absorbing look at the animals that thrive in this volatile environment, formed as the Arctic collides with Southeast Asia.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: BBC - Natural History Unit
Address: c/o BBC Motion Gallery
Room E251
80 Wood Lane
W12 0TT
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8433 2861 / 2

Film credits

Assistant Producer: Fergus Beeley
Associated Broadcaster: WNET 13, New York
Dubbing Editor: Simon Tucker
Dubbing Mixer: Neil Hipkiss
Dubbing Mixer: Graham Wild
Field Assistant: Anatoly Petrov
Film Editor: Jo Payne
Graphics: Alison Murphy
Graphics: 422 Videographic design
Location Co-ordinator: Duncan Thomson
Music: Martin Kiszko
Music Conductor: Harry Rabinowitz
Photography: Richard Kirby
Photography: Gavin Thurston
Photography: Martin Saunders
Photography: Ian McCarthy
Post Production Co-ordinator: Diana Richards Cronk
Presenter: Nikolai Drozdov
Producer: Nigel Marven
Production Manager: Igor Nosov
Production Manager: Olga Nosova
Production Organisation: BBC - Natural History Unit
Production Secretary: Isabel Pritchard
Series Producer: John Sparks
Series Telecine: Rex Sawyers
Sound: Kevin Meredith
Sound: Nigel Tucker
Underwater Photography: Rick Price
Unit Manager: Cynthia Connolly
VT (video tape) Editor: Peter Belcher
Writer: Nigel Marven

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