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Islands in the African Sky  (1994)

Hidden worlds of harsh extremes

An atmospheric and evocative portrayal of the wildlife in East Africa's rugged mountain ranges, Islands in the African Sky was widely acclaimed for its stunning soundtrack. The second part of an African trilogy, the production explores the extraordinary adaptations and unusual appearances that have evolved to aid survival in this extreme climate.

Straddling the equator, the mountains undergo vast temperature changes as scorching days give way to arctic nights. The intriguing footage is brought to life by Gunning's powerful score, the haunting sounds emphasising both the eerie beauty and intense mystique of this hostile land.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: ITN Source
Address: 200 Gray's Inn Road
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 430 4480

Film credits

Associated Broadcaster: BBC - Natural History Unit
Associated Broadcaster: WGBH - "NOVA"
Dubbing Editor: Chris Godden
Dubbing Mixer: Richard Crosby
Executive Producer: Michael Rosenberg
Executive Producer: Hugo van Lawick
Film Editor: Mark Fletcher
Film Editor: David Pearce
Location Manager: James Alford
Music Composer: Christopher Gunning
Narrator: John Hurt
Photography: Alastair MacEwen
Producer: Patrick Morris
Production: Jacqueline White
Production: Andrew Buchanan
Production: Jean Hartley
Production: Annabel Lawler
Production: Barbara Stohlman
Production Co-ordinator: Sonja Grimes
Production Organisation: Wildlife Film Productions
Production Organisation: Partridge Films Limited
Series Executive Producer: John Sparks
Series Unit Manager: Christina Hamilton
Writer: Brian Jackman
Writer: John Sparks

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