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Puma: Lion of the Andes  (1996)

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An intimate and touching portrayal of this endangered big cat, award-winning wildlife cameraman Hugh Miles spent two years in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park filming this National Geographic Special.

Exploring the private world of the elusive puma, Miles’ stunning cinematography captures behaviour never before recorded on film, as he slowly wins the trust of an adult female, he calls Penny. The film follows her as she battles the harsh climate, struggles against seasonal food shortages, and gives birth, all under the ever present threat of poachers.

The first time a wild puma had been filmed at such close quarters, Miles and his team went to every effort to protect this unique relationship, even bribing local farmers not to shoot Penny.

Winner of two Panda Awards at Wildscreen 1996, Puma: Lion of the Andes was described by Miles as the best example of “why I love making wildlife films.” Beautifully filmed, it is a deeply moving celebration of this persecuted feline, magnificent in her natural habitat.

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Images for this profile are currently being sourced