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Cameramen Who Dared  (1995)

Opening sequence

A behind-the-scenes look at wildlife filmmaking, Cameramen Who Dared is an entertaining account of the men and women who travel the world and risk their lives to bring us some of the best wildlife documentary footage.

Celebrating the special breed of people who have both the guts, and the inclination, to stand their ground while volcanoes erupt and elephants charge, this hour long National Geographic production delves into some of their more dangerous assignments. Exploring what drives these adventurous souls, spectacular footage shows them climbing Everest, traversing raging rapids and approaching polar bears at close quarters.

Interviewing several pioneering cameraman, this diverting show sheds light on the tougher side of filming. Attempting to film wild orang-utans face-to-face for the first time, one cameraman had the pleasure of being peed upon while simultaneously having his safety rope untied by one of the dexterous primates.

Hugely enjoyable, Cameramen Who Dared depicts the incredible dedication and commitment of these wildlife filmmakers who, when chasing after an elusive shot, often, quite literally, go out on a limb.

Film credits

Animation: Jeff Streich
Cinematographer: Chuck Bangert
Cinematographer: David Brashears
Cinematographer: Bob Elfstrom
Cinematographer: Steve Harrison
Cinematographer: Tom Mangelsen
Cinematographer: Len McLure
Cinematographer: Scott Ransom
Creative Consultant: Steve Zousmer
Editor: Mark Conlin
Executive Producer: Tom Simon
Film Research: Kitty King
Film Research: Linda Goldman
Narrator: Fred Gwynn
Producer: David Clark
Production Assistant: Ann Bolger
Production Assistant: Lisa Manning
Production Organisation: National Geographic Television & Film
Re-editing Services: Maggie Noble
Re-editing Services: Victor Kanefsky
Re-editing Services: Valkhn Film & Video
Re-editing Supervisor: Liisa Lunden
Re-editing Supervisor: Vicky Lemont
Research: Audrey Salkeld
Research: Penelope Bodry Sanders
Research Supervisor: Scott Wyerman
Senior Producer: Patrick Prentice
Series Producer: Michael Rosenfeld
Sound: David Bangert
Sound: Alan Dater
Sound: Ray Day
Sound: John Lipscombe
Sound: Chris Moore

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