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Bugworld: War of Two Worlds (2002)

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Human technology under threat

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: ITN Source
Address: 200 Gray's Inn Road
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 430 4480

Film credits

Additional Directing: Patrick Prentice
Additional Directing: Rod Parker
Additional Directing: Harvey Jones
Additional Photography: Keith Brust
Additional Photography: Michael Dillon
Additional Photography: Steve Downer
Additional Photography: Richard Kirby
Additional Photography: Neil Bromhall
Additional Photography: Greg Parish
Animal Handler: Warwick Vern
Assistant Producer: Rebecca Cecil-Wright
Assistant Producer: Dan Maslen
Associated Broadcaster: The Learning Channel
Associated Broadcaster: Survival Anglia Limited
Camera and Field Assistant: Mark MacEwen
Camera and Field Assistant: James Aldred
Camera and Field Assistant: Jeff Mattson
Camera and Field Assistant: Andrea Lucky
Director: David Allen
Director: Anna Fitch
Dubbing Mixer: Matt Skilton
Executive Producer: Petra Regent
Executive Producer: Phil Fairclough
Executive Producer: Sean Morris
Film Editor: Charles Davis
Music: William Lovelady
Narrator: Zam Baring
Online Editor: Simon Giblin
Photography: Tim Shepherd
Photography: James Reardon
Production Accountant: Eva Hedges
Production Accountant: Jo Laurie
Production Manager: Annie Thomas
Production Organisation: Oxford Scientific (OSF)
Production Organisation: Granada Wild
Researcher: Robert Neil
Script Consultant: Rupert Barrington
Series Producer: David Allen
Sound Recordist: B. Cecil-Wright
Sound Recordist: Gerrard Wilson
Sound Recordist: David Spinner
Sound Recordist: Michael Cottrell
Sound Recordist: Julius A. Evans
Sound Recordist: Chris Gurney
Sound Recordist: Paul Lord
Sound Recordist: Ron Hyatt
Sound Recordist: Anton Gold
Sound Recordist: Mark Atkinson
Sound Recordist: Pat Moriart
Special Effects: Victor Riva
Battles against super-organisms
Battles against super-organisms
Humans - living in bugworld
Humans - living in bugworld
Human technology under threat
Human technology under threat