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The Tender Trap  (1974)

Also known as: Death Trap
Human traps

A curious look at the bloodier side of botany, The Tender Trap is an in-depth account of four types of carnivorous plant - the venus fly trap, sundews, bladderworts and pitcher plants.

Inhabiting areas where essential nitrogen compounds are in short supply, these carnivorous plants catch insects in order to survive. Oxford Scientific Films, renowned for their thorough and academic approach to nature filming, use impressive technical photography to document the plants lightning-fast closing mechanisms, sticky spikes and liquid filled cavities that drown prey alive.

The Tender Trap also employs the cinematography skills of Hugh Falkus, combining close-ups, time lapses and slow motion techniques, offering a captivating glimpse into a world of artful ruses, predation and intrigue.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: Oxford Scientific Films Ltd.
Address: 47 Marylebone Lane
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7317 1330

Film credits

Associated Broadcaster: BBC - Natural History Unit
Director: Hugh Falkus
Film Editor: Paul Dickin
Film Editor: Peter Parks
Music: Edwin Roxburgh
Photography: Sean Morris
Photography: Peter Parks
Production Organisation: Oxford Scientific Films Ltd.
Scientific Advisor: Alan Gilchrist
Scientific Advisor: Fred Case
Writer: Hugh Falkus

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