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National Geographic Special: Rain Forest  (1983)

Wildscreen Film Entry, 1984

The subject of this national geographic special is Costa Rica's lush rain forest. Densely foliated, it is home for some of the worlds most unusual life forms - from poison-arrow frogs to a lizard that runs on water. But home for many of these creatures is disappearing rapidly as tropical rain forests are being cut down to provide timber, farmland, and minerals. Production techniques used in this film include high speed photography and animation.

Film credits

Camera: Carol Hughes
Camera: David Hughes
Editor: Barry Nye
Music: Mike Trim
Music: Helen Hurden
Narrator: Richard Kiley
Producer: David Hughes
Producer: Carol Hughes
Production Supervisor: WQED, Pittsburgh
Script: David Hughes
Script: Carol Hughes
Sound: David Hughes
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1984
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1984