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The Decade of Destruction: The Search for the Kidnappers  (1983)

This series covers a decade in ther destruction of the Amazon forest. This programme is about a Brazilian boy kidnapped by Indians and it follows the fathers search in the jungle for his 7 year old son and discovers a whole series of raids and massacres against the tribe. When a government expedition tries to make peace the tribe attack again. But eventually peace is made with the colonists who move in to cut down the jungle. Then many of the colonists discover that their land is barren and worthless.

Film credits

Camera: Chris Cox
Camera: Pasco Macfarlane
Director: Adrian Cowell
Editor: Terence Twigg
Narrator: Adrian Cowell
Producer: Roger James
Production Organisation: Central Independent Television
Script: Adrian Cowell
Sound: Albert Bailey
Sound: Godfrey Kirby