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Lords of Hokkaido  (1985)

Wildscreen Film Entry, 1984

The Lords of Hokkaido is a portrait of Japan’s northernmost island as seen by following the fortunes of a family of foxes throughout a year. The whole character of the island is governed by nearby Siberia so its winters are long and bitterly cold. As red crowned cranes perform their graceful dances and when the sea eagles have started nesting, the astonishing story of the Pacific salmon begins. These and other stories unfold within the tale of a family of foxes – from the birth of the cubs until they are ready to face the world on their own as winter once again begins.

Winner of a "Special" prize at the 1986 Wildscreen Film Festival

Film credits

Camera: Tsuneya Taniguchi
Camera: Michinori Kusama
Director: Minoru Taketazu
Director: Atsushi Sakurai
Director: Yashushi Suzuki
Dubbing: Peter Hodges
Editor: Chris Lakeman Fraser
Music: Brian Gascoigne
Narrator: Ian Holm
Post Production: Partridge Films Limited
Producer: Kazuo Okada
Script: John Waters
Sound: Tim Bolt
Sound: Simon Knight