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With Cherry Kearton in the Jungle  (1926)

Cherry Kearton's Africa

In the depths of the ‘jungle’, hugely popular naturalist, pioneering wildlife photographer and international star of the silver screen Cherry Kearton spent years exploring Africa’s abundant animal population and intriguing local customs.

An engaging compilation film, it features some of the best scenes from Kearton’s back catalogue, recording everything from vast herds of zebras to a solitary rhino eyeballing the camera. Bringing to life the diversity found within the African continent, lions are seen panting in the heat, as giraffes emerge from a screen of trees and an elephant calf trips happily along.

Offering an intriguing insight into Britain’s first wildlife presenter and filmmaker, Kearton is seen surrounded by penguins, performing conjuring tricks for a group of young Africans and kissing a chimpanzee.

Showcasing Kearton’s extensive and groundbreaking work, With Cherry Kearton in the Jungle was one of the earliest films about African natural wildlife, increasing public awareness of both its beauty and variety.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: British Film Institute (BFI)

Film credits

Director: Cherry Kearton
Narrator: Cherry Kearton
Photography: Cherry Kearton
Production Organisation: Cherry Kearton Film Company
Cherry Kearton's Africa
Cherry Kearton's Africa