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The Ganges Gharial  (1983)


The Gharial is a delightful fish-eating crocodile from India whose numbers over the years have been reduced drastically by hunting. This first complete film on the Gharial shows its daily life and describes the conservation measures that are being taken to ensure its survival. It took 5 years to make and the rare sequences include mating, egg laying and parental care. To film underwater the crew built a special submerged house.  Winner of the "Best Camerawork Award" at the Wildscreen "Panda" awards ceremony in October 1984.

Film credits

Camera: Naresh Bedi
Music: Vijay Ragiava Rao
Producer: Naresh Bedi
Script: Dhruv Basu
Script: Nigel Pegram
Sound: Rajesh Bedi

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