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Life of the Demoiselles  (1981)

Also known as: Pragivandnymfernes liv
Carl Henrik Jensen at Wildscreen, 1982

Throughout Europe live species of dragonfly known as the Beautiful demoiselle and Banded demoiselle.  This film shows the life cycles of these insects starting with the larvae which, after two years living beneath water emerge, and in a couple of hours become brightly coloured flying insects.  The film goes on to look at the short but fascinating life of these insects.  Highly Commended at the Wildscreen Film Festival "Panda Awards" Ceremony, 1982.

Film credits

Camera: Carl Henrik Jensen
Editor: Carl Henrik Jensen
Producer: Carl Henrik Jensen
Production Organisation: Carl Henrik Jensen
Script: Carl Henrik Jensen
Sound: Carl Henrik Jensen

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Carl Henrik Jensen at Wildscreen, 1982
Carl Henrik Jensen at Wildscreen, 1982