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Garden spiders - Poisonous little beasts  (1983)

Wildscreen Film Entry, 1984

Spiders first appeared on Earth 350 million years ago and they have always inspired fear and respect because of their ability to spin webs of silk to catch their prey. There is an aura of mystery about them. This film concentrates on the way of life, structural characteristics and development fronm egg to adult of a number of spiders common to Finland. They include the cross spider, diadem spider and water spider.

Film credits

Camera: Miv Finland
Camera: Kari Soveri
Director: Miv Finland
Director: Kari Soveri
Producer: Miv Finland
Producer: Kari Soveri
Script: Miv Finland
Script: Kari Soveri
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1984
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1984