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Spiny Knights and Church Falcons  (1981)

Also known as: Stachelritter und Kirchenfalken
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1982

This is an expedition into the world of animals in Hamburg.  The film tries to show how important not only for man but even more for animals are green oases of a city.  A cemetary is still a good refuge for many birds.  Pools of water are important for amphibians.  A church tower, a place for a pair of falcons to breed and the lakes and rivers of Hamburg are ideal for waterbirds.

Film credits

Camera: Peter W. Fera
Camera: Heinz Sielmann
Editor: Gerhard Ertlmaier
Narrator: Uwe Scmidt
Producer: Co. Film Fera und Schalk, West Germany
Production Organisation: Co. Film Fera und Schalk, West Germany
Script: Uwe Scmidt
Sound: Stefan Krause
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1982
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1982