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Wildtrack: Episode 8  (1981)

Wildscreen Film Entry, 1982

This is a programme made for children aged between six and twelve years.  It is a magazine in which, in this episode, the presenters look at an uncommon breed of rabbit, report about a hedgehog survey, make a 'wormery' and announce a 'design an animal' competition.

Film credits

Camera: John Phillpott
Camera: Mike Lemmon
Director: Neil Harraway
Director: Rod Morris
Dubbing: Ian Masterton
Editor: Mark Robinson
Music: Ray Steadman
Narrator: Peter Hayden
Producer: Tony Trotter
Production Organisation: Television New Zealand - Natural History Unit (TVNZ)
Script: Peter Hayden
Sound: Leighton Clapham
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1982
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1982