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Birds of Tokai - Central Japan  (1981)

Wildscreen Film Entry, 1982

The Tokai district, close to the centre of the japamese archipelago, attracts nearly all the types of birds that live on the island.  the aim of this documentary film is not only to introduce these birds to us, but also to encourage the preservation of their surroundings so that they can still bring enjoyment to people in the future.

Film credits

Camera: Makoto Sugiura
Camera: Yoshifumi Tanihashi
Director: Yoshihisa Kubota
Dubbing: Ken Kobayashi
Editor: Fujinari Editing Room, Japan
Music: Kyohei Uyama
Narrator: Ken MacDonald
Producer: Yoshihisa Kubota
Producer: Kazunori Fujimoto
Production Organisation: Wildbird Society of Japan, Japan
Script: Yoshi Yokota
Script: John Roberts
Sound: Nature Sound Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1982
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1982