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Salmon! 250 days at mother river  (1983)

Wildscreen Film Entry, 1984

Every autumn millions of salom return from four years of ocean life to their mother river in Hokkaido, Japan. Nearly all the salmon are captured for artificial cultivation but this film not only shows how this film works but also the natural reproduction behaviour of salmon in a remote river inthe north east of Japan.

Film credits

Camera: Tsuneya Taniguchi
Director: Atsushi Sakurai
Editor: Kazuo Okada
Editor: Tsuneya Taniguchi
Music: Tetsuji Hayashi
Narrator: Nachi Nozawa
Producer: Kazuo Okada
Production Organisation: Tokyo Cinema Inc.
Script: Kazuo Okada
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1984
Wildscreen Film Entry, 1984