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Keep it short and create diversity  (1983)

Also known as: Management through grazing

Since the war Belgian agriculture has changed drastically. Farms have grown larger; modern farming methods have included artificial fertilizers and pesticides. They have affected not only the flora and fauna but also the land itself. To try and restore the land to what it was, the management of Belgium's nature reserves has had the job of re-applying the small scale agricultural economy of previous years, for example, sheep, goats, horses and cattle can be used in grassland management in nature reserves.

Film credits

Camera: Marcel Verbruggen
Director: Rita Paesmans
Editor: Edwin Stainforth
Music: Wally Vermeersch
Narrator: Liz Sanderson
Producer: Frans Frederickx
Production Organisation: BRT
Script: Marcel Verbruggen
Script: Rom van Hilst
Sound: Robert van Humbeeck