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Viewpoint 89: Can Polar Bears Tread Water?  (1989)

Robbie Stamp at Wildscreen, 1990

Over the past two years (1988 and 1989) the 'greenhouse effect' has stormed to the top of the international agenda.  In that time "Can Polar Bears Tread Water?" has been tracking the cause and dangers of climate change.  But the real problem addressed bty the programme is the mass migration of people displaced by effects of climate change.

This film includes the views of scientists, politicians and people affected by climate change in Britain, America, Canada, Chine, India, Russia and Bangladesh.

Winner of a Wildscreen Film Festival "Special Award" at the "Panda" awards ceremony held in Bristol, UK

Film credits

Camera: Peter Greenhalgh
Camera: J. Simmons
Camera: C. Morphet
Camera: F. Leung
Camera: T. Pandey
Camera: Alan Morgan
Director: Lawrence Moore
Dubbing: Colin Martin
Editor: Lawrence Moore
Editor: M. Pavett
Narrator: Bill Paterson
Producer: Lawrence Moore
Production Organisation: Central Independent Television
Script: Lawrence Moore
Script: Robbie Stamp
Sound: Mel Marr
Sound: Albert Bailey
Sound: M. Claydon
Wildscreen Special Award, 1990
Wildscreen Special Award, 1990
Robbie Stamp at Wildscreen, 1990
Robbie Stamp at Wildscreen, 1990