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Viewpoint 89: Can Polar Bears Tread Water? (1989)

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Wildscreen Special Award, 1990

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Film credits

Camera: Peter Greenhalgh
Camera: J. Simmons
Camera: C. Morphet
Camera: F. Leung
Camera: T. Pandey
Camera: Alan Morgan
Director: Lawrence Moore
Dubbing: Colin Martin
Editor: Lawrence Moore
Editor: M. Pavett
Narrator: Bill Paterson
Producer: Lawrence Moore
Production Organisation: Central Independent Television
Script: Lawrence Moore
Script: Robbie Stamp
Sound: Mel Marr
Sound: Albert Bailey
Sound: M. Claydon
Wildscreen Special Award, 1990
Wildscreen Special Award, 1990
Robbie Stamp at Wildscreen, 1990
Robbie Stamp at Wildscreen, 1990