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Arabia: Sand, Sea & Sky: Eye of the Camel  (1989)

Michael Mckinnon at Wildscreen, 1990

The Rub Al Khali Desert in southern Arabia is the largest continuous sand desert on Earth.  By accompanying a family of Al Murrah Bedouin and their camels on their annual migration across the Rub Al Khali, we are able to examine not only the unique adaptations and strategies of survival employed by camels, gazelle and other desert life, but also the implications for all wildlife of the profound effects that the age of oil has brought to the central Arabian deserts.

Winner of a Wildscreen "Special Award" at the "Panda" awards ceremony held in Bristol, UK, 1990

Film credits

Camera: John Bulmer
Director: Michael McKinnon
Dubbing: Trevor Barber
Editor: John Hackney
Music: Robert Boyle
Narrator: Richard Kiley
Producer: Michael McKinnon
Production Organisation: Michael McKinnon Films Limited
Script: Michael Dean
Script: Miranda MacQuitty
Sound: Henry Barley
Sound: Robert Boyle
Wildscreen Special Award, 1990
Wildscreen Special Award, 1990
Michael Mckinnon at Wildscreen, 1990
Michael Mckinnon at Wildscreen, 1990