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Dragonflies and Frogs  (1985)

Also known as: Gläserne Schwingen und Schleuderzunge

This film takes a look at the lives of dragonflies and frogs on a local stretch of water. Of special interest is the territorial and mating behaviour of the different kinds of dragonfly. Extremely slow motion shots, which were taken freehand, reveal patterns of behaviour previously unknown even to scientists. The programme, taking the frog and the dragonfly as examples, shows how the predator and prey interact. Once again slow motion provides impressive shots of the catching techniques of frogs.

Film credits

Camera: Georg Ruppell
Director: Georg Ruppell
Editor: Georg Ruppell
Post Production: Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)
Producer: Alfred Schmitt
Script: Georg Ruppell
Sound: Georg Ruppell