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Goose Problems?  (1989)

Wildscreen Special Award, 1990

Of the one million wild geese in Europe, at least half a million stay in the Netherlands during winter.  The future of these geese depends on the room they are given by agriculture.  Besides farmers, there are hunters and nature preservation supporters with divergent interests.  This film weighs the interests and motives of these groups; the main part however is played by geese.

Winner of a "Special Award" at the Wildscreen "Panda" awards ceremony held in Bristol, UK, 1990

Film credits

Camera: Jan Musch
Director: Tys Tinbergen
Editor: Jan Musch
Editor: Tys Tinbergen
Music: Maarten Koopman
Producer: Jan Musch
Producer: Tys Tinbergen
Production Organisation: Musch & Tinbergen
Script: Tys Tinbergen
Sound: Yan Kaandord
Wildscreen Special Award, 1990
Wildscreen Special Award, 1990
Jan Musch and Tys Tinbergen at Wildscreen, 1990
Jan Musch and Tys Tinbergen at Wildscreen,...