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Antarctica - The Last Frontier  (1989)

Graham Creelman collects an Award, 1990

At the very end of the world lies the great continent of Antarctica.  Its shores teem with seals and penguins, its seas with fish and whales.  So far, Antarctica has been free from conflict and human interference.  But is the treaty system that protects it strong enough to withstand the pressures to open up this last great wilderness to exploitation and development?

Winner of a "Special Award" at the Wildscreen "Panda" awards ceremony held in Bristol, UK, 1990

Film credits

Camera: Doug Allan
Camera: Joel Bennett
Camera: Paul Bennett
Camera: Roger Bunting
Director: Graham Creelman
Director: David Hickman
Dubbing: Pat Foster
Editor: Alan Newton
Music: Guy Michelmore
Narrator: Anthony Hopkins
Producer: Graham Creelman
Production Organisation: Survival Anglia Limited
Script: Graham Creelman
Script: David Hickman
Sound: Bernie Childs
Sound: Robert Banks
Sound: Richard Laughton
Wildscreen Special Award, 1990
Wildscreen Special Award, 1990
Graham Creelman collects an Award, 1990
Graham Creelman collects an Award, 1990