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Death of a Legend  (1971)

Since the first white men entered canada the stories of the wolf's ferocity have multiplied.  Man's fear and ignorance have led him to hunt the animal mercilessly.  But there is another side to the wolf story.  This film is a rare opportunity to see how a wolf pack operates, both as a hunting unit and as a family and social group.  Some remarkable photography, which shows the birth of cubs inside a den, also reveals the wolf in an unexpected role - that of a devoted and affectionate parent.  With this legendary creature now facing extinction in Canada, this film asks - is he really the 'big bad wolf'?.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: National Film Board of Canada (N.F.B.C.)

Film credits

Animation: Bill Mason
Director: Bill Mason
Editor: Bill Mason
Music: Eldon Rathburn
Narrator: Stanley Jackson
Photography: Bill Mason
Producer: Barrie Howells
Sound Editor: John Knight
Sound Recording: Roger Lamoureux
Sound Recording: Jean-Pierre Joutel
Writer: Stanley Jackson