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True-Life Adventures: Wonders of the World: White Wilderness  (1958)

Animals and birds that live on the frozen roof of the world.

This film has been widely debated by those interested in the ethics of wildlife film-making because it shows animal behaviour that is thought not to exist in "true life", and that the filming of some scenes (especially lemming migration) also broke the un-written code of filming-ethics that wildlife film-makers today (2013) have developed.  It is not clear whether at the time of filming (1957) Disney knew of and approved of the film-makers' methods.

The film is highly dramatic and won an Oscar® in the "Documentary (Feature)" film category at the 31st Academy Awards.  It was also nominated for the music (Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture) award for Oliver Wallace's score.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: The Walt Disney Company
Copyright Holder: Buena Vista International Film Production (France)

Film credits

Director: James Algar
Music: Oliver Wallace
Narrator: Winston Hibler
Producer: Ben Sharpsteen
Writer: James Algar