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Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom (1963-1988): Rulers of the Kalahari  (1963)

One of the most desolate corners of the Wild kingdom is the Kalahari, a huge desert in Southern Africa.  There are three rulers in the Kalahari, the lion, the cheetah and the African bushman.  This primative man (1963 quote!) still leads a stone-age existence.  This is the story of their struggle for survival in a harsh, barren environment and of the special relationship between bushman and lion.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: Don Meier Productions Inc.
Copyright Holder: Mutual of Omaha

Film credits

Assistant Director: Robert Koslow
Associate Producer: Richard (Dick) Reinauer
Associate Producer: Warren Garst
Associate Producer: Liz Maartens
Director: Don Meier
Director of Photography: Warren Garst
Film Editor: Darwin R. Apel
Music: James Bourgeois
Narrator: Joe Slattery
Photography: Warren Garst
Photography: Henk Maartens
Presenter: Marlin Perkins
Presenter: Stan Edmunde Brock
Producer: Don Meier
Sound Recording: Glenn Parrish
Studio Cameraman: Edwin Ahbe
Supervising Editor: Ace Moore
Writer: Donald D. Manelli