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Together They Stand  (1985)

Wildscreen Festival 1986 Winners

So as to defend their family Dwarf mongooses stand up to any enemy no matter how deadly.  A female leads a band in a unique and highly organised society, in which all members have clear and defined duties.  Only the leader has young while the other females are baby sitters, defending their leader's young with, if necessary, their lives.  Goshawks and snakes try to catch the mongooses and their babies.  Through daring and skill and exceptional courage they manage to keep one step ahead and raise their families successfully.

Winner of the 1986 Wildscreen Film Festival Golden Panda Award.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: Survival Anglia Limited

Film credits

Camera: Simon Trevor
Director: Simon Trevor
Dubbing: Howard Marshall
Editor: Howard Marshall
Narrator: Anthony Valentine
Producer: Simon Trevor
Production Organisation: Survival Anglia Limited
Script: John Reader
Sound: Howard Marshall
Wildscreen Festival 1986 Winners
Wildscreen Festival 1986 Winners