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Return of the Osprey  (1985)

Wildscreen Festival 1986 Winners

This programme is an intimate, close-up look at ospreys along the North East coast of the United States.  It is the story of the successful conservation effort that saved these birds of prey from extinction.  It tells how naturalists and scientists managed to get DDT banned in the United States and how, since then, the osprey has made an amazing comeback.  In this film their is the opportunity to watch several families of ospreys as they court, build nests, raise young and take their first flight.  Michael male started making "Return of the Osprey" when he was 22, after finishing a student film about ternms.  His wife, Judy Fieth, joined him a year later.  Between freelance work, it took six years to make.

Winner of the 1986 Wildscreen Film Festival "Newcomer" award

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: Michael Male
Copyright Holder: Judith Fieth

Film credits

Camera: Michael Male
Director: Judith Fieth
Director: Michael Male
Dubbing: Steve Izzi
Editor: Judith Fieth
Music: Paul Neri
Narrator: Kaiulani Lee
Producer: Judith Fieth
Producer: Michael Male
Script: Judith Fieth
Sound: Judith Fieth
Wildscreen Festival 1986 Winners
Wildscreen Festival 1986 Winners