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The Ark: Missile Kills Hamlet - Pesticides  (1985)

Wildscreen Festival 1986 Winners

"Missile Kills Hamlet - Pesticides" is one programme in a documntary series calles "The Ark" made for young viewers.  In the series, three youngsters investigate environmental issues in an adventurous fact finding mission aboard a gaily painted narrow boat.  In this episode they look at the impact of the use of pesticides on wildlife, the environment and people.  They visit two farms - one where two game conservancy scientists study the effects of newer types of pesticides and the other where they learn about organic farming.  They go on to interview Sir Henry Plumb, a farmer and member of the European parliament, about the problems and dangers of pesticides.

Winner of The Wildscreen Film Festival 1986 award for best children's program

Film credits

Camera: Peter Greenhalgh
Director: Ashley Bruce
Editor: Paul Jackson
Music: Paul Buckmaster
Narrator: Chris Baines
Producer: Ashley Bruce
Production Organisation: Central Independent Television
Script: Chris Baines
Sound: William Dodkin
Wildscreen Festival 1986 Winners
Wildscreen Festival 1986 Winners