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Bring 'Em Back Alive  (1932)

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In the depths of the Malayan jungle, world-famous American movie actor, hunter and animal collector Frank Buck launches an eight month expedition in search of some of the region's most exotic species.

Stunning footage details a wealth of bird, mammal and reptile life and includes Buck's capture of a rare monitor lizard, a black leopard and his adoption of a young elephant.

Leading to accusations that the production 'staged' their animal encounters, several spectacular fights culminate in a full-on battle between a Bengal tiger and a thirty foot rock python. The fight scene is described by cameraman Nick Cavalerie as "the most spectacular in the picture", lasting over ten minutes, the fight scene aroused suspicion as unlike most jungle encounters, it ends in a draw.

Celebrating the exploits of the dashing young trapper, Bring 'Em Back Alive was hugely popular, its success paving the way for Buck's long career on the silver screen.

Film credits

Director: Clyde E. Elliott
Music: Gene Rodemich
Photography: Carl Berger
Photography: Nicholas Cavaliere
Presenter: Frank Buck
Production Organisation: Van Beuren Corporation
Production Organisation: RKO Radio Pictures
Sound: Paul M. Robillard
Images for this profile are currently being sourced