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Cane Toads  (1988)

The Cane Toad was imported into Queensland from Hawaii in 1935 for a special reason. That reason was to combat the Grey-Back beetle that was destroying the Sugarcane crop. The experiment failed: the beetle could fly and the toad couldn't. However, the Cane Toad adapted to its new surroundings and now breeds so rapidly that it has become a pest of plague proportions spreading at the rate of 27 kilometers a year, but this programme also looks at how they have become an accepted part of logical culture and popular mythology. Canes Toads won the 1988 Wildscreen Festival Special award

Film credits

Camera: Jim Frazier
Camera: Wayne Taylor
Director: Mark Lewis
Editor: Lindsay Frazer
Music: Martin Armiger
Music: Tim Finn
Producer: Tristram Miall
Script: Mark Lewis
Sound: Rodney Simmons