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The Coelacanth  (1988)

Until 1938 the coelacanth was thought to be extinct. This species developed 400 million years ago. A primary fish about 2 metres long, with teeth of a predator, it had a head like a salamander. Then, by sheer chance a woman scientist saw the body of fish on a South African harbour. A few days later it was confirmed that it was a coelacanth and that this bizarre fish was still living. Since then more than a hundred coelacanths have been caught, but none have survived the journey from the depth of the sea to the surface. The Coelacanth won the 1988 Wildscreen Festival Special award.

Film credits

Camera: Hans Fricke
Director: Hans Fricke
Editor: Gerdis Feldmann-Berner
Narrator: Georg Kostya
Producer: Hans Fricke
Script: Hans Fricke
Sound: Hans Fricke