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The Global Detective- The Journey of Death  (1991)

More than a million alligators are being slaughtered illegally every year in Brazil. It's the biggest massacre of an endangered species anywhere in the world. Who's doing the killing? Who's making the big money? And where do the skins end up as shoes and handbags for the rich?

In a special investigation for UN World Environment Day, the Global Detective uncovers a trial of violence and corruption, from the wilds of South America tothe fashion houses of Milan.

Bill Paterson is the voice of the Global Detective. The world is his beat.

The Global Detective- The Journey of Death won the 1992 Wildscreen Festival Conservation award. 

Film credits

Camera: Mike Wilkie
Camera: Brian Sewell
Camera: Nexus Features Ltd
Editor: Andrew Mort
Executive Producer: Jeremy Evans
Music: Peter Filleul
Narrator: Bill Paterson
Producer: David Henshaw
Script: Richard McBrien
Sound: Mark van der Willigen
Sound: Andrew Cross
Submitted by: BBC - Natural History Unit