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Survival: Madagascar- Island of Ghosts  (1991)

Madagascar is an Island full of mystery and myth. Eighty per cent of all the plants and animals are unique. But already eighty-five per cent of the original forests have gone and pygmy hippos, giant tortoises, Aepyornis (the largest bird that ever lived) and fifteen species of lemur have disappeared and many more unique animals are now threatened. The future of the island is in the balance- an ecological tragedy, destroyed by its own people burning the land to survive. Conservationists describe Madagascar as a battlefield- and even at this late stage they believe it is a fight they can win.

Madagascar- Island of Ghosts won the 1992 Wildscreen Festival Special award.

Film credits

Camera: Doug Allan
Camera: Paul Bennett
Director: David Hickman
Editor: John Shippey
Executive Producer: Graham Creelman
Music: Rossy
Narrator: Ian Holm
Producer: David Hickman
Script: David Hickman
Sound: Lis Allan
Sound: Richard Laughton