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Webs of Intrigue  (1992)

In her inimitable style Densey Clyne shows us the amazing variety and uses of spider's silk, from the beauty of the orb web to the skill of the Net-Casting spider. The stunning macro photography of Jim Frazier gives us a spider's eye view of their intriguing behaviour, from courtship and mating, to predation techniques. Highlights include the amazing confidence trick of the Magnificent spider and an encounter with the world's deadliest spider, the Sydney Funnel Web.

Webs of Intrigue won the 1992 Wildscreen Festival Special award.

Film credits

Camera: Jim Frazier
Director: Paul Scott
Editor: Brian Semple
Editor: Phil Sheppard
Music: Anthony Partos
Narrator: Densey Clyne
Producer: Roger Whittaker
Script: Densey Clyne