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Lure Of The Dolphins  (1976)

The dolphin has risen to top popularity as an entertainer because of its grace, beauty and intelligent feats.  Fascination with dolphins, however, is shared on another level by civilian and military scientists because, as presenter Anthony Grey points out, its streamlined body must contain secrets which might revolutionise such things as submarine and tanker design.  Anthony Grey, who tells of his own fascination with the mysteries of dolphins, is the British journalist who, as a Reuter correspondent (in 1967 to 1969), spent 26 months under house arrest in Peking.  Anthony Grey went to two of Europe's greatest dolphinariums - at Hardewijk in Holland, and Morecombe in Lancashire and asked experts: why can dolphins, who breathe air, withstand pressures of the sea at depths of 1,000 feet while man cannot dive much below 200 feet with safety?  Why does the dolphin move through water three times faster than the mathematicians calculate is possible?  Why are dolphins capable of reading minds?

Film credits

Cameraman: Charles Lagus BSC.
Director: Robin Brown
Presenter: Anthony Grey
Production Organisation: Associated Television (ATV)