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The World About Us (1967 - 1987): A Highly Desirable Residence  (1983)

Barry Paine at Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage stands mouldering, damp and empty - or is it?  Among its timbers and peeling walls an army of creatures find and ideal home.  Thay have a house to eat.

When Sue and John Andrews start to make a home, those creatures have to go.  This "wet forest" of old wood and wallpaper is transformed into a "dry prairie" that is an architect's dream.  But what of the starlings, bats, fleas, carpet beetles, spiders, mice, rats, silver-fish, fungi, toads and wood-lice evicted by the change?  Can they fight their way back to share the new world of warmth and security?  What other plagues will Sue and John encounter as they battle for survival in their new home?

Film credits

Appearance: Sue Andrew
Appearance: John Andrew
Film Editor: Colin Craddock
Music: Malcolm Clarke
Narrator: Barry Ernest Paine
Photography: Jack Bellamy
Photography: Stephen Bolwell
Photography: Christopher Doncaster
Photography: Peter Smithson
Producer: Barry Ernest Paine
Production Assistant: Sheila Fullom
Production Organisation: BBC - Natural History Unit
Research: Paul Reddish
Series Editor: Peter Jones
Series Editor: Anthony Isaacs
Sound: Peter Copeland
Sound: Alistair Crocker
Barry Paine at Rose Cottage
Barry Paine at Rose Cottage