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The World About Us (1967 - 1987): Mysteries of the Green Mountain  (1978)

Weird and exotic jungles clothe the slopes of Mount Mulu, the newest [in 1978] national park in Sarawak, Borneo.  They have been home to the largest expedition ever mounted by the Royal Geographical Society.

To unravel the mysteries of those jungles experts from many nations wedded the techniques of science to the skills of those who live in the forest - stunning lizards by blowpipe dart, tracking a civet, stalking termites, trapping moths, even weighing the leaves on the ground.

It was an exploration among amazing sounds and spectacular landscapes with soaring pinnacles and, beneath the jungles, rock honeycombed with gigantic bat-filled caves.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: BBC - Natural History Unit
Address: c/o BBC Motion Gallery
Room E251
80 Wood Lane
W12 0TT
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8433 2861 / 2

Film credits

Associated Broadcaster: Polyphon International
Associated Broadcaster: Vision International
Film Cameraman: Rodger Jackman
Film Cameraman: Hugh Maynard
Film Editor: Jim Cryan
Narrator: Barry Ernest Paine
Producer: Barry Ernest Paine
Production Organisation: BBC Natural History Unit
Research: Pelham Aldrich-Blake
Series Editor: Michael Andrews
Series Editor: Anthony Isaacs
Sound: Peter Copeland
Sound: John Gilbert