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Wanariset: Where Apes Become Apes Again  (1998)

This film tells the story of the endangered orang utans, which only can be found in the tropical rainforests of South East Asia.

The destruction of these forests threatens the survival of these great apes.  Furthermore the trade in young orang utans incresed in the early nineties because of strong demand from taiwan and the lack of control by the proper authorities.

After the illegal trade was discovered, a large number of orang utans was conviscated and returned from taiwan to indonesia.  A special rehabilitation centre was set up in Wanariset, Kalimantan, Indonesia where the apes are taken care of and taught what they should know to survive in the forest: in Wanariset they learn apes to be apes again instead of being reduced to playmates of man.

Copyright holder

Copyright Holder: The Golden Ark Foundation
Address: Ruysdaellaan 9
3712 AP Huis ter Heide
The Netherlands
Telephone: 030 693 1662

Film credits

Editor: Hans Dunnewijk
Editor: Het Materiaal
Online Editor: Jan Haan
Producer: Niels Halbertsma
Sound: Hanna Leemhuis