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Wild Goats, Rockas and Horny CoralsMontecristo: Treasure Island for the Future?: Wild Goats, Rockas and Horny Corals (1989)
Today the legendary Island of Montecristo in the Tyrrhenian Sea is a terrestrial and marine nature reserve.  It is strictly closed to the...
Sea of SlaughterSea of Slaughter (1989)
Sea of Slaughter, based on Farley Mowat's best-selling book of the same name, documents five hundred years of greed, waste and bloodshed that...
The Great Wood of CaledonThe Great Wood of Caledon (1989)
Known by the Romans as Caledonia, this vast area of hill and wood is the largest area of continuous old forest in Britain.  Once the haunt...
The SisterhoodThe Natural World (BBC 1983 - 2012): The Sisterhood (1989)
Portrayed as skulking, cowardly scavengers, hyaenas have long received an undeservedly bad press.  To set the recod straight, this film...
The Singing Apes of Kao YaiThe Singing Apes of Kao Yai (1989)
This is an intimate look at the life of one family of gibbons and a very special lifestyle that revolves around song.  Filmed high in the...
Can Polar Bears Tread Water?Viewpoint 89: Can Polar Bears Tread Water? (1989)
Over the past two years (1988 and 1989) the 'greenhouse effect' has stormed to the top of the international agenda.  In that time "Can...
Under the IceWild South: Under the Ice (1989)
The world's first natural history documentary to be filmed under the Antarctic sea-ice reveals other-worldly beauty of ice-scapes in crystal...
Arctic PollutionChannel Four News: Arctic Pollution (1990)
An Investigation into the cause of smog in the Arctic, traced to factories in Eastern Europe
Chernobyl: LeukaemiaChannel Four News: Chernobyl: Leukaemia (1990)
The first objective assessment of the effects of the Chernobyl disaster, especially leukaemia in children.
Chernobyl: ReindeerChannel Four News: Chernobyl: Reindeer (1990)
The development of a pill to give to reindeer in Lapland, threatened by fallout after Chernobyl.
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The Savage Paradise : Cheetahs  The Blood Brothers: Alliances bound by ties of blood
The Savage Paradise : Cheetahs The Blood...
Mzima: Portrait of a Spring : The top of Mzima's food chain
Mzima: Portrait of a Spring : The top of...
Two in the Bush: First Steps in a Jungle : Jungle giants
Two in the Bush: First Steps in a Jungle...
Wildscreen Panda Awards 1982: Wildscreen
Wildscreen Panda Awards 1982: Wildscreen...