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Martyn Colbeck

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Chapter 4:Meeting Echo

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Interview details

Location:  Bristol, UK
Date:  4 December 1909
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Interviewer: Brian Leith
Interviewee: Martyn Colbeck
Cameraman: Bob Prince
Copyright Holder: Wildscreen


1. The early years
2. London Scientific Films
3. Going freelance
4. Meeting Echo
5. Animal Behaviour
6. The cameramanís responsibilities
7. Anthropomorphism
8. The future for Africaís wildlife
9. Filming chimpanzees
10. Wildlife feature film
11. Personal reflections

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The early years
1: The early years
London Scientific Films
2: London Scientific Films
Going freelance
3: Going freelance
Meeting Echo
4: Meeting Echo
Animal Behaviour
5: Animal Behaviour
The cameramanís responsibilities
6: The cameramanís responsibilities
7: Anthropomorphism
The future for Africaís wildlife
8: The future for Africaís wildlife
Filming chimpanzees
9: Filming chimpanzees
Wildlife feature film
10: Wildlife feature film
Personal reflections
11: Personal reflections