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Peter Parks 

Peter Parks using portable snorkel to film Portuguese man o' war

A founding partner of Oxford Scientific Films (OSF), world renowned natural history photographer Peter Parks studied zoology at Oxford University, where a marine biology professor inspired his love of ocean life. After graduation he became a tutor in biological illustration and for seven years, until 1970, was the natural history artist for the Illustrated London News.

1968 saw the birth of OSF, with Peter in charge of high magnification work, special effects and all marine film expeditions. Over the years Peter developed a reputation for unique images of microscopic life, pioneering a number of macro and micro-photographic techniques. 

The leader of some 25 major marine expeditions, Peter has contributed to numerous natural history documentaries and has also supervised special effects sequences for films as diverse as Superman (1978) and Return to Oz (1985).

In 1990, Peter left OSF and formed his own company Image Quest 3D, specializing in large format production, research and development. Joining forces with his son Chris, Peter and his company have contributed groundbreaking footage to productions including The Blue Planet (2001) and Bugs! 3D (2003).

Receiving numerous awards over his career, including two Academy Awards (1981, 1986) Peter won a Lifetime Achievement Oscar in 2004 for his technological contributions to the motion picture industry.

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Peter Parks using portable snorkel to film Portuguese man o' war
Peter Parks using portable snorkel to film...
Peter Parks filming Portuguese man o' war
Peter Parks filming Portuguese man o' war
Peter Parks at optical bench
Peter Parks at optical bench